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Can’t help it

Sometimes the most simple tracks are just the best right?

Shalamar – A night to remember

Kool and the Gang – Get down on it

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Yes! Last night was a success, well banging, and Erol really didn’t disappoint: it was all downtempo at first, kind of spacey and smoothing, and then he dropped the Space Bass by Slick and the tempo went up a bit and it was like disco euphoria or something.
He played this track that I didn’t expect at all, and I didn’t use to like it very much but then to hear it played loud like this I though woah!

Patrick Cowley and Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk

Happy Easter everyone! I’m off to Amsterdam with the bf to celebrate one year of happy mornings, evenings, sunsets, sunrises, dinners, breakfasts: all the time.
Despite the hangover I’m in a good mood today so here you are: more Patric Cowley and a bunch of love vibes with this banging remix of one of my favourite classics, which sounds so damn appropriate.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix)

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Space Bass

Tonight, Erol Alkan is putting on his Disco3000 outfit and coming to Paris to play some bangers. No need to say that I’m well excited.
Let’s bring out the Bombay Sapphire and listen to his hottmix whilst getting ready.

Erol Alkan presents Disco 3000
(via Discodust)

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Oh yes I have been away for like what, 9 days. But these have been busy times, I’ve had to run to several job interviews, book trips away with the lover, start the renovation work on my “pad by the sea”, do lots of other boring this that require lots of attention.

Me and A.C went to Nadège Winter’s Brunch Bazaar (it was afterwards that we took the pics) last week and I thought it was a bit of joke, it was like the whole place was buzzing but at the same time nothing was really happening, except that people were staring at each other and checking out what they were wearing. We left after about 5 minutes because it was just too ridiculous and we didn’t have a baby to make us look cool or something.

Yesterday, my little brother turned 20 and that’s a better cause for celebration right; too be young and have a whole decade ahead of you to mess up your life a bit.
Ah now onto spring, then summer, bring on the annual bikini diet!

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

In Flagranti – Ohh, I’ll Have To Loose Weight Luv


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See you there?

Isn’t Sunday like the best day of the week, but also the worst? I always make plans for Sunday like wake up early, go the flea market, cook a nice roast, then maybe a walk in the park, then a movie at the cinema, or maybe bake a cake. The reality being that I always end up hanging around the house in my jogging bottoms catching up on Desperate Housewives or maybe Ugly Betty, and not baking anything.
Oh well.
I’ll give you something to do this Sunday though-come to Panic Room to hear a bunch of amazing dj’s (including, moi) play disco or whatever while you have brunch, and personally I think I’ll also be having some bloody mary’s because it’s such a Sunday thing to do and it reminds me of Williamsburg. Like yeah.


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Music made for dreams

Berlin/Paris/Arcachon/Bordeaux/All over

Chromatics – The Price Of Love

Glass Candy – Life After Sundown

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Head over heels

Winter is definitely too cold, I just want spring now.

Sometimes I listen to a record for ages, I like this or that track but without being too crazy about any of them. Then one day I ‘rediscover’ the album and fall in love with a particular song; it’s like I never heard it before; it’s like a massive crush and I just can’t get enough of it.

Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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Bye 2009, Hello 2010

Oh yeah, how bloody original. But happy new year anyway!
Here’s a mix I made with the tracks that got played on my ipod the most. 2009 was awesome, let’s just hope that 2010 will be even better.

2009 hotmix – Donna Gibson


“Droid” Mito
“Problemes D’Amour” Alexander Robotnick
“Brash & Vulgar” In Flagranti
“Stop” B.W.H.
“Cybernetic Love (Vocal)” Casco
“Laserdance” (Pitched Down @ -8) Spoonich
“Space Bass” Slick
“1979 It’s Dancing Time” Revanche (Kotey Edit)
“Two Takes It” (ft. Carmen Castro) Mr. Oizo
“Take A Little Time” Les Rythmes Digitales
“Remember” Gino Soccio
“Deputy of Love” Don Armando
“Zombie” Fela Kuti

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It was last Sunday, it was very cold and I was very much hungover so I spent the whole day at home snuggled on the sofa listening to soothing music.
I put on the Say Yes Diskomix.
When it came to 1h17 I immediately emailed Nadia to ask her what that track was. OMG, Gino Soccio! So banging!

Gino Soccio – Remember


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Today looks like the typical monday: cold, rainy and horrible. Let’s pretend it’s still sunday and listen to some smooth soothing tunes.

Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby

Air – Sexy Boy

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