See you there?

Isn’t Sunday like the best day of the week, but also the worst? I always make plans for Sunday like wake up early, go the flea market, cook a nice roast, then maybe a walk in the park, then a movie at the cinema, or maybe bake a cake. The reality being that I always end up hanging around the house in my jogging bottoms catching up on Desperate Housewives or maybe Ugly Betty, and not baking anything.
Oh well.
I’ll give you something to do this Sunday though-come to Panic Room to hear a bunch of amazing dj’s (including, moi) play disco or whatever while you have brunch, and personally I think I’ll also be having some bloody mary’s because it’s such a Sunday thing to do and it reminds me of Williamsburg. Like yeah.


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2 responses to “See you there?

  1. CG Jr.

    I was there!

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