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And the sound went


Oh my, how I loved Barcelona this time round. I had already visited the city once before in 2005 but I guess with all the touristy stuff out of the way I felt more relaxed and simply ‘lived’ Barcelona.


A few friends and I decided we would hit the Sonar Festival this year (at first we were gonna go to Nuits Sonores in Lyon, but the Sonar line-up seemed almost too good to be true) so we rented an apartment and let the fun began.

Sonar by day was a cool place to hang out, with daytime dancefloor and cold beer at all times. . . In between sets I went to browse at the nearby record shops and found some cheap gems!


Nothing had really prepared us to how big the night-time Sonar was going to be though: ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. I’m not sure how many airplanes you could fit in that hall but it was humongous.


The night verged on the perfect, I loved that there was a good disco vibe with James Murphy and Pat Mahoney going back to back, and then Erol Alkan who played so many disco bangers. We watched Richie Hawtin for a while, and Buraka Som Sistema which remains one of my personal favourites of the night.

Sebastian and Agoria finished us off. It was 6. 30 am when we left, it was raining and we had to fight to get on the bus. Hello again reality.


The tracks below just remind me of the whole festival…although Erol did actually play the Slick track if I remember correctly.

Spoonich – Laserdance

Slick – Space Bass

Bottin – Roger Bacon

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