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Hey what’s going on, why don’t you sing a song?

Good friends, good food in Paris, banging weather in South West France. Your typical January yeahhrr?

I’m off to L.A and San Francisco for 3 weeks, in a couple of days, really excited, and the little song in my head kinda goes like this:

Number One Ensemble – Flor De Coca

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Bye and hello again

May 2008, Paris. “I’m your 2nd daddy, make sure you know that!” he said.

Boney M – Sunny

This is not what I had planned for you my dear friends on this last day of 2010, but you gotta pay homage to the guy, so please enjoy these hot classics. (I think “Sunny” has probably one the best intro in disco, like, ever)

Boney M – Rasputin

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L’été Indien

Late summer holidays, I just love that. Been hanging out in this place for the past couple of days, my new seaside retreat.

Enjoying the waves, the vibes, getting ready to face September just like when a new school year was starting.

Gwen Guthrie – Padlock (Lerry Levan Mix)

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Good times

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Chic at the moment. Now that I’ve revived my passion for them I need to update my record collection so I’m looking for any kind of rare 12″s that I could lay my hands on.
Seriously I think they probably epitomize the best of disco, I mean other musicians must feel so shit for not thinking first of writing such bangers.

I just found out that they are playing in Paris (well Nile Rodgers is going to be there, I’m not sure what’s happened to the rest of the band) on the 11th of October, with Kool and the Gang. Not so much a big Kool and the Gang fan but I’m sure it’s going to be great.

Apart from that, summer in Paris, typical, rainy, quiet, I’ve been busy at work me actually. Thinking about stuff, making plans and shit, it’s all good.


Chic- Everybody Dance

Chic – Chic Cheer

Chic and Sister Sledge – He’s the greatest Dancer

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A really banging weekend, with macaroons, a walk in the park, sushi, and a new camera!

Don Ray – Got To Have Loving

Pics by me and Arthur using my new Lumix GF1


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Two years later I’m still not sick of ‘Sexuality’ by Sebastien Tellier, such a good album, always reminds me of the beach and summer and lounging and stuff.

Speaking of beaches, I’m so glad to have invested some funds in buying the flat in Le Verdon; beaches are almost empty all year round, it’s a bit like being on your own private island…

Went to Bordeaux a couple days ago, raided Total Heaven a little bit more and bought a couple of Italian do It Better 12″. Shit.

Farah – gay boy (vocal mix)

Glass Candy – Feeling Without Touching

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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Les visiteurs du soir

Songs, so Parisian, so New-York, Berlin, so cold, in complete contrast with where we are right now, in the bright sunshine of south-west France.

It always happens to me, every year, as I sit in the hottest weather I start daydreaming about winter and black leather gloves and matte red lipstick, dark eye shadow (I never wear make up when I’m on a summer holiday by the sea, go figure), cold cold minimal music, and drinking champagne whilst freezing on the pavement outside some club and I don’t know why but I kind of like that.

Black Devil Disco Club – An Other Skin

Mathématiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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Patrick Adams is probably one of the greatest geniuses in disco; I mean he managed to produce some tracks like these two below, which are so steamy and sexy.

Apparently “In the Bush” was banned for ages; and “I got a big bee” I really like too because it has a very slow build up (and I love a track with banging percussions) then it just comes to some kind of euphoric climax.
Yeah, just like how sex should be.

Musique – In The Bush

Bumblebee Unlimited – I Got A Big Bee

Pic by Arthur Cruz

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baby doll

Me and A.C went to Amstedam in early April and it was dope (and nah, we didn’t smoke any). I forgot that Amsterdam was actually quite small, and we did just did loads of walking.

Took the train and went to the beach 30 mins away to have ice cream.
And after a total failure on the first apartment we had booked we just treated ourselves to a classy minimalist style hotel. Banging.

So, you’re ready for the weekend?
Gonna spend the whole saturday swooning at my 3 year old nephew and then who knows what’s going to happen on sunday. Kinda love sundays now.

Chemise – She Can’t Love You

Pics by Arthur Cruz

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“A nectar and tonic? Make it double!”

Kinda obsessed with these reworks of the Bumblebee Unlimited’s “Ladybug”. Love the John Morales one.

Lady Bug (John Morales Mix)

Lady Bug (Larry Levan Mix)

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