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Off I go

So I have now left L.A and am hanging out in the colder shores of San Francisco. I enjoyed the whole Los Angeles lifestyle: dining, lunching, mani +pedi, contemporary art, driving around (hey I did get behind the wheel for like 5 minutes!). And the sunshine!
I haven’t cooked a meal since I have left Paris, and you know what, I’m not missing it that much. Maybe I’m not a housewife-type after all.

And of course, paying hommage to the amazing Salvatore Cusato today. RIP dude!

B.W.H – Livin’ Up

Casco – Cybernetic Love (Vocal)

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Hello, world

Lovely blue skies today baby! How about some nice Sunday tunes too? And some pics from our trip to Berlin last October?

Lipps Inc -How Long (Twitch edit)

Kraftwerk – Antenna

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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So cold outside. Time for cosy nights in and sexy music.

Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face

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Drum Roll

Hello weekend!
We are off to Bordeaux and Arcachon for the next 10 days and it should be banging. Can’t wait for oysters and white wine dinners.

Katmandu – The Break (12″ Version)

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People! I’m djing at Panic Room ( 101 rue Amelot, Paris) this Tuesday, the 2nd.
It’s on 8-2.

Come, it’s going to be banging!

(FB event here)

Chilly – Dance With Me

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Some tracks are just out of this fucking world, totally next level awesomeness.
The last holidays were totally awesome too.
Oh yeah, and I am totally engaged now.

‘lectric Workers feat Funny Randon – The Garden (Cosmic Club Mastercuts)

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Good times

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Chic at the moment. Now that I’ve revived my passion for them I need to update my record collection so I’m looking for any kind of rare 12″s that I could lay my hands on.
Seriously I think they probably epitomize the best of disco, I mean other musicians must feel so shit for not thinking first of writing such bangers.

I just found out that they are playing in Paris (well Nile Rodgers is going to be there, I’m not sure what’s happened to the rest of the band) on the 11th of October, with Kool and the Gang. Not so much a big Kool and the Gang fan but I’m sure it’s going to be great.

Apart from that, summer in Paris, typical, rainy, quiet, I’ve been busy at work me actually. Thinking about stuff, making plans and shit, it’s all good.


Chic- Everybody Dance

Chic – Chic Cheer

Chic and Sister Sledge – He’s the greatest Dancer

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C’est la fin des vacances.

Love Club – Hot Summer Nights

Pictures by Arthur Cruz et moi

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Here I am

Okay, I have been bad. I have been a really bad blogger and maybe I should apologize.
Not that anyone really cares but, blah.

I took like, a month off without warning, but I hope that in the meantime you didn’t forget me, and here I am again, ready to talk disco and food and life and shit.

During this month well stuff happened: job interviews, plans for holidays, the renovation (now completed) of the seaside apartment, learning that some friends were going to have a baby, and also getting married, thinking about things, dieting, wanting to go to berlin, new york, maybe lisbon, who knows, and coming to the conclusion that after all, everything is not going to be so bad.

Watched Sex and the City 2 almost puked: I’m sorry but no swearing and almost no fucking? Not good enough mate.
I’ve had these bangers on my mind lately, you too?

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Waves

Carte Blanche – Gare Du Nord

Pics by Arthur Cruz


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Whilst I was playing tunes at the tapas party the other day I don’t know why but I started thinking about that track, “Miura” by Metro Area. I think I hadn’t listened to it in maybe 5 years; still sounds awesome though.
Oh yeah and the party was well fun too-look at these happy faces.

Metro Area – Miura

Metro Area – Miura (Maelstrom Edit)

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