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Take me to the top

When summer comes and I am in Paris, all I can dream of is nice sandy beaches, palm trees, hot sun, relaxing afternoons and exotic food. Well for the past two weeks, as I’ve been spending some time with the family in Martinique, this is exactly what I got.
But now I find myself longing for Paris’ paved streets, the crowds of the Marais, a cold beer whilst sitting by Point FMR, the excitement of watching dawn rise after a long night dancing, my favourite Vietnamese/Japanese/Italian restaurants, the simple ability of going from A to B without a car.

Don’t get me wrong, Martinique is lovely and I’ve enjoyed the company of my grandmother and various cousins, but I always seem to be coveting the opposite of what I actually have. I know some people hate it, but I find July and August a great time to be in Paris because it’s not as crowded. When I lived in London I never got that impression. . . do people actually take holidays there? ! (ok the French are a bit lazy but still. . . . )

Apart from sitting down with the bf to finish watching the Sopranos and maybe get started on Twin Peaks, there are some things that are making me excited about spending summer in Paris:
-The Martin Parr exhibition at the Jeu de Paume
-Parties on the Concorde Atlantique, brunch at the Bellevilloise, drinks at people’s houses. . .
-My birthday
-The last week of the sales
-Woody Allen meeting Larry David on screen, erm hello, dream team alert.
-Bastille day
-“Amour Polaroid”, on the 17th of July, at Panic Room! More to come on this soon.

Parisian at heart, Parisian always. Here are some tracks to celebrate my coming back into town in 3 days.

Jacques Dutronc “Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille”

Teki Latex ft Lio “Les Matins de Paris” (Surkin remix)

Straika D “Paris”


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