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Oh yes I have been away for like what, 9 days. But these have been busy times, I’ve had to run to several job interviews, book trips away with the lover, start the renovation work on my “pad by the sea”, do lots of other boring this that require lots of attention.

Me and A.C went to Nadège Winter’s Brunch Bazaar (it was afterwards that we took the pics) last week and I thought it was a bit of joke, it was like the whole place was buzzing but at the same time nothing was really happening, except that people were staring at each other and checking out what they were wearing. We left after about 5 minutes because it was just too ridiculous and we didn’t have a baby to make us look cool or something.

Yesterday, my little brother turned 20 and that’s a better cause for celebration right; too be young and have a whole decade ahead of you to mess up your life a bit.
Ah now onto spring, then summer, bring on the annual bikini diet!

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

In Flagranti – Ohh, I’ll Have To Loose Weight Luv


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