Sunday boogie

Gaston – Here A Funk, There A Funk

Michael Jackson – Off the Wall

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The other side of London

Kindness – Gee Up (Be Kind Re-edit)

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Childhood heroes

Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill (Mike Simonetti Version)

Via Arthur’s Landing

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Bonne année!

Happy new year everyone!Image

2012 is going to be a big one for me, as my family is expanding (no I’m not talking about a new puppy), lots of travels have been planned and we finally moved into a cool apartment which I’m going to take time to decorate tastefully.

Let’s kick off this year with some awesome music. 
The Armed Gang – Love Shot (Club Version)

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Let It Snow

Inner Life ft Jocelyn Brown- I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)

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Fall in Berlin

Berlin was cold and foggy, but it was good to hang out with friends, listen to some music, and eat out all the time.

In Flagranti – I Can Thrill & Delight (A Rio Lobotomy)

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Killing Spree

Went to see “Drive” in the cinema when I was in London last week, haven’t been able to get that Chromatics tune out of my head since. Perfect for those first days of Autumn.

Chromatics – Tick of the Clock


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Back to Basics

Until next year…

Karin Jones – Under The Influence Of Love (Tee Scott Mix)

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Bonjour Tristesse

photo by Karl Hab

DJ Mehdi is dead.
Life goes on, but DJ Mehdi is dead. I’d never ever thought I’d be writing those words on this blog, like this year, this month, today.
I heard the news just as I was coming back from the beach on Tuesday; I picked up my phone and found one sms, and one email from two friends, both delivering the same sad news to me.
It’s weird when someone ‘famous’ dies, especially someone whose music, you enjoyed. (I think I stopped being a ‘fan’ of anyone in 1999) It’s like you were close to this person, and thus feel sad when they pass away, without having ever met them, or barely. (In Mehdi’s case, a Hello exchanged at Plastic People in 2005; a joke or two shared at the Scala in London, circa 2007; a missed encounter a few months ago outside Pigalle station)

DJ Mehdi was banging, both on record and live. He was also totally buff, and if I were to borrow some of Mademoiselle Robot’s expressions here, I’d say a total babe, a real dreamboat (I hope my husband won’t mind me writing those words, these are really exceptional circumstances), all the way at the top of my list, before Louis Garrel or Gael Garcia Bernal.

Anyway, I won’t post here the Brodinski remix of « Pocket Piano », or « Signatune », because I am sure that you have already heard them all.
Instead I’ll leave with you with Mehdi’s last mixtape, “Tunisian Summer”.
Now, in remembrance of the man, enjoy, and dance!

DJ Mehdi – Tunisian Summer


1. INTRO: ANTONY & CURRENT 93 ‘Idumea’
3. DJ GREGORY ‘Don’t Panic’
4. AUDIOJACK ‘Jack The Keys’
5. KINK ‘E 79′
6. ADONIS ‘We’re Rocking Down The House’
7. GREGOR SALTO ‘Messe Messe’
8. DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS ‘It’s About The House’
9. JAMIE JONES feat. ALI LOVE ‘Forward Motion’
10. CANBLASTER ‘Air Totem’
11. THE RAPTURE ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ A-TRAK Remix
12. THE WEEKND ‘What You Need’ ADAM PORT Remix
13. AZARI&III ‘Into The Night’ RENAISSANCE MAN Remix
14. NATHAN FAKE ‘Xmas Rush’ DUB
15. CASSIUS ‘La Notte’

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Paris Moderne

Moderne – Vers l’Est

Moderne – Sans signalement


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