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Paris Moderne

Moderne – Vers l’Est

Moderne – Sans signalement


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Yesterday was hot, today is bloody cold.
You like?

Liaisons Dangereuses – Avant Apres Mars

Moderne – Indicatif

Richard Pinhas – Iceland (volga select mix)


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Les visiteurs du soir

Songs, so Parisian, so New-York, Berlin, so cold, in complete contrast with where we are right now, in the bright sunshine of south-west France.

It always happens to me, every year, as I sit in the hottest weather I start daydreaming about winter and black leather gloves and matte red lipstick, dark eye shadow (I never wear make up when I’m on a summer holiday by the sea, go figure), cold cold minimal music, and drinking champagne whilst freezing on the pavement outside some club and I don’t know why but I kind of like that.

Black Devil Disco Club – An Other Skin

Mathématiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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Music made for dreams

Berlin/Paris/Arcachon/Bordeaux/All over

Chromatics – The Price Of Love

Glass Candy – Life After Sundown

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Winter sun

So yeah, it’s been a little bit more than a year than I’ve been back in Paris now, and now I’m still doing some boring temping, and I still haven’t found a real ‘grown up’ job. I mean wtf, when am I ever gonna be lucky?
Thank god there are other things keeping me sane, like future travel plans, listening to banging music, reading amazing books, arthur’s dance moves, sushi nights, you know the deal.
In the meantime, hello London!

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

1000 Ohm – A.g.n.e.s


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Les nuits de pleine lune personne ne dort


Jacno 1957-2009

Jacno – Rectangle

Elli et Jacno – Toujours les Souvenirs

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He had a stroke at the age of 24


Ruth – Polaroid Roman Photo (Cotton Wool Mix 1984)

Ruth – Polaroid Roman Photo (Instrumental First Mix 1982)

Pics by Arthur Cruz


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So Sexual

One day I took Sebastien Tellier to la Défense and it looked like this.

Pics by Arthur Cruz


Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Midnight Juggernauts remix)

Moderne – L’Homme D’Affaires


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