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Such a nice day off: started with a quick walk in Arcachon center, then a train ride to Le Teich. Lunch in the sunshine in the deserted harbour; 7 km walk surrounded by water, birds, trees…nature.
South-west France in Autumn is really banging, the last 10 days have been awesome.
Getting into wedding planning mood too!

Freeez – I.O.U.


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C’est la fin des vacances.

Love Club – Hot Summer Nights

Pictures by Arthur Cruz et moi

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Les visiteurs du soir

Songs, so Parisian, so New-York, Berlin, so cold, in complete contrast with where we are right now, in the bright sunshine of south-west France.

It always happens to me, every year, as I sit in the hottest weather I start daydreaming about winter and black leather gloves and matte red lipstick, dark eye shadow (I never wear make up when I’m on a summer holiday by the sea, go figure), cold cold minimal music, and drinking champagne whilst freezing on the pavement outside some club and I don’t know why but I kind of like that.

Black Devil Disco Club – An Other Skin

Mathématiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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Music made for dreams

Berlin/Paris/Arcachon/Bordeaux/All over

Chromatics – The Price Of Love

Glass Candy – Life After Sundown

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Close to the edge

It’s not new but it’s still very clever.

Fela Kuti – Zombie

Pics by Arthur Cruz

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It’s all for you

After a week and a half spent frolicking with the bf (seafood, deserted beaches, long walks) in south west France I am now ready to face a new year. Yes, a long time after leaving school, everything still starts for me in September.



Convertion – Sweet Thing

Adonis – No Way Back (Vocal)


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From South-West France. June 2009.



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