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Yes! Last night was a success, well banging, and Erol really didn’t disappoint: it was all downtempo at first, kind of spacey and smoothing, and then he dropped the Space Bass by Slick and the tempo went up a bit and it was like disco euphoria or something.
He played this track that I didn’t expect at all, and I didn’t use to like it very much but then to hear it played loud like this I though woah!

Patrick Cowley and Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk

Happy Easter everyone! I’m off to Amsterdam with the bf to celebrate one year of happy mornings, evenings, sunsets, sunrises, dinners, breakfasts: all the time.
Despite the hangover I’m in a good mood today so here you are: more Patric Cowley and a bunch of love vibes with this banging remix of one of my favourite classics, which sounds so damn appropriate.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix)

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Space Bass

Tonight, Erol Alkan is putting on his Disco3000 outfit and coming to Paris to play some bangers. No need to say that I’m well excited.
Let’s bring out the Bombay Sapphire and listen to his hottmix whilst getting ready.

Erol Alkan presents Disco 3000
(via Discodust)

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Oh Yeah

Can’t wait for the hot summer vibes mate!

Daft Punk – High Fidelity

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Oh yes I have been away for like what, 9 days. But these have been busy times, I’ve had to run to several job interviews, book trips away with the lover, start the renovation work on my “pad by the sea”, do lots of other boring this that require lots of attention.

Me and A.C went to Nadège Winter’s Brunch Bazaar (it was afterwards that we took the pics) last week and I thought it was a bit of joke, it was like the whole place was buzzing but at the same time nothing was really happening, except that people were staring at each other and checking out what they were wearing. We left after about 5 minutes because it was just too ridiculous and we didn’t have a baby to make us look cool or something.

Yesterday, my little brother turned 20 and that’s a better cause for celebration right; too be young and have a whole decade ahead of you to mess up your life a bit.
Ah now onto spring, then summer, bring on the annual bikini diet!

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

In Flagranti – Ohh, I’ll Have To Loose Weight Luv


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the drums

My dad is drummer, did you know that?
Not sure if it’s got anything to do with the fact that I love a good drums part in a song. It can be live or from a computer I think it can just take any song from boring to banging.
Listen to these, well BANGING. I know I posted the Mu track before but I just couldn’t resist.

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

Daft Punk – Harder, better, faster, stronger

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Mu – Let’s get sick

Red Dragon Band – Let Me Be Your Radio (Part 1)

Peaches – Rock Show

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Call me up?

Seriously how sleazy do they look? Would you take bonafied lovin from these dudes?

It was the 18th of June 2004, a Friday.
According to my my livejournal, that day I had gone to work at the v&a shop as usual but I had been upset about my flatmate Anthony moving back to Canada.
So yeah on Fridays at the time it was all about getting ready for Our Disco at Plastic People in the evenings. (Just like before Mondays had been all about getting ready for Trash).
Chromeo and Optimo were playing that night so of course I went and I remember I didn’t really like Chromeo at all, but PMD was so excited about them and I just didn’t understand why.
Still according to livejournal, this is what I wrote at 4.27 am as I came home from the club:

I just came back from Our Disco and my feet dont even hurt because i found the best 5 pounds heels at Gemini shoes on kingsland high street.I got pretty good kissing tonight. On the other hand,i feel that my dancing skills are going downhill, sometimes i think i’ve lost all coordination.
Now i’m going to go to bed with my new ‘goo’ t-shirt. I want a 7″ that costs $120,it this crazy?
Late night/early morning posts shouldnt be allowed really.

Lol at my life. Anyway I’ve digressed a lot.
All this to say…well throughout the years I’ve actually grown to like Chromeo, and Dave P is a bit sexy isn’t he? This is the thing, I like them, but I’m always a bit unsure about them and when I listen to their records I feel a little bit sick at the time.
And thinking about it, Dave P reminds me of the annoying and sleazy guy in the nightclub that comes to sit next to you and chats you up all night with cheesy lines.

“Fancy Footwork” (Surkin Rogue Teens Remix)

“Bonafied Lovin” (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

“Tenderoni” (Etienne De Crecy Remix)

“Needy Girl” (Lifelike remix)

“Me & My Man” (Whitey vs Chromeo Fly Whitey Remix)

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Kinda Random but Totally Cult in My Record Collection #1

Los Microwaves “Life After Breakfast”

I came upon this record a bit out of the blue when it was recommended to me by my favourite ebay seller (a coldwave, synth, disco genius!) and since then I’ve loved it, it’s so crazy and stupid but so good at the same time. Enjoy.

01- Time To Get Up

02-What’s that Got to Do

03-Reckless Dialogue

04-T.V. in my Eye

05-Home Alone


07-Postponed is not Forgotten

08-La Voix Humane

09-Coast To Coast

10-Is there Life after Breakfast?

11-You Bet

12-If You Want it…

13 Radio Heart


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Dirty dancing, and pounding pounding techno music

I haven’t put on high heels in a long time, I haven’t danced till dawn in ages too.
This friday I might well do that.

Adult – Hand To Phone (2 many dj’s version)


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Bye 2009, Hello 2010

Oh yeah, how bloody original. But happy new year anyway!
Here’s a mix I made with the tracks that got played on my ipod the most. 2009 was awesome, let’s just hope that 2010 will be even better.

2009 hotmix – Donna Gibson


“Droid” Mito
“Problemes D’Amour” Alexander Robotnick
“Brash & Vulgar” In Flagranti
“Stop” B.W.H.
“Cybernetic Love (Vocal)” Casco
“Laserdance” (Pitched Down @ -8) Spoonich
“Space Bass” Slick
“1979 It’s Dancing Time” Revanche (Kotey Edit)
“Two Takes It” (ft. Carmen Castro) Mr. Oizo
“Take A Little Time” Les Rythmes Digitales
“Remember” Gino Soccio
“Deputy of Love” Don Armando
“Zombie” Fela Kuti

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Today I went to work and was well bored as usual, so I put on my ipod and listened to some banging tunes.
At some point this In Flagranti track came on and I was like, omg I haven’t heard this in a while, it is so so massive.
Anyway, you had a good xmas? I had some lovely presents, more on this soon.

Incarnation – In Flagranti


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