Dirty dancing, and pounding pounding techno music

I haven’t put on high heels in a long time, I haven’t danced till dawn in ages too.
This friday I might well do that.

Adult – Hand To Phone (2 many dj’s version)


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5 responses to “Dirty dancing, and pounding pounding techno music

  1. Ah sorry just saw your comment! I hope you have a fantastic New Year! I love your blog, and have been follwing it since the one before. The music you give always makes my ipod happy, so thank you! I wish I could live in Paris all the time! If you are not too busy perhaps you could recommend some new places for me to go? lots of London love haha xxx

  2. Hey, thanks for the post ! I organise ‘useless’ parties. Just posted some pics on facebook.com/uselessparty. And oh, next party is planned on 2 april ;)

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