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Call me up?

Seriously how sleazy do they look? Would you take bonafied lovin from these dudes?

It was the 18th of June 2004, a Friday.
According to my my livejournal, that day I had gone to work at the v&a shop as usual but I had been upset about my flatmate Anthony moving back to Canada.
So yeah on Fridays at the time it was all about getting ready for Our Disco at Plastic People in the evenings. (Just like before Mondays had been all about getting ready for Trash).
Chromeo and Optimo were playing that night so of course I went and I remember I didn’t really like Chromeo at all, but PMD was so excited about them and I just didn’t understand why.
Still according to livejournal, this is what I wrote at 4.27 am as I came home from the club:

I just came back from Our Disco and my feet dont even hurt because i found the best 5 pounds heels at Gemini shoes on kingsland high street.I got pretty good kissing tonight. On the other hand,i feel that my dancing skills are going downhill, sometimes i think i’ve lost all coordination.
Now i’m going to go to bed with my new ‘goo’ t-shirt. I want a 7″ that costs $120,it this crazy?
Late night/early morning posts shouldnt be allowed really.

Lol at my life. Anyway I’ve digressed a lot.
All this to say…well throughout the years I’ve actually grown to like Chromeo, and Dave P is a bit sexy isn’t he? This is the thing, I like them, but I’m always a bit unsure about them and when I listen to their records I feel a little bit sick at the time.
And thinking about it, Dave P reminds me of the annoying and sleazy guy in the nightclub that comes to sit next to you and chats you up all night with cheesy lines.

“Fancy Footwork” (Surkin Rogue Teens Remix)

“Bonafied Lovin” (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

“Tenderoni” (Etienne De Crecy Remix)

“Needy Girl” (Lifelike remix)

“Me & My Man” (Whitey vs Chromeo Fly Whitey Remix)

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