Winter sun

So yeah, it’s been a little bit more than a year than I’ve been back in Paris now, and now I’m still doing some boring temping, and I still haven’t found a real ‘grown up’ job. I mean wtf, when am I ever gonna be lucky?
Thank god there are other things keeping me sane, like future travel plans, listening to banging music, reading amazing books, arthur’s dance moves, sushi nights, you know the deal.
In the meantime, hello London!

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

1000 Ohm – A.g.n.e.s


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9 responses to “Winter sun

  1. gros coup de coeur sur le manteau !

  2. envie

    been to london for the past 10 days.first time ever. i got a cold, fell inlove and got blewn away by the wind. it’s sort of amazing, but i would easily get lost in it. so i prefere paris. and will move there sometimes these years.

    and oh, why go all grown-up when there are plenty of kids’pleasures around.

    (from still sunny romania, i greet you)

  3. envie

    kind of did, yeah. have i mentioned losing my phone, having a white russian in a casino and smoking in a bar after closing time ? heh.

    people actually make the place.
    paris is just friendlier (to me).


  4. Lyna

    jadore le red lipstock c´est quoi la couleur?

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