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Every time I have a track on my mind and I can’t remember who it’s by, for some  reason I can always find it later on a mix by Nadia Ksaiba!
This time in collaboration with Elly Jackson too, and they’re putting on a night in Paris next week, will you be there?

Such a good Saturday afternoon tune.

Off to Berlin tomorrow for a few days, bye!

Carly Simon – Why (Vocal 12”)

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Since you’ve been gone

Duck Butter by Arthur Cruz

MJ – I Can’t Help It [Todd Terje Re-edit]


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Patrick Adams is probably one of the greatest geniuses in disco; I mean he managed to produce some tracks like these two below, which are so steamy and sexy.

Apparently “In the Bush” was banned for ages; and “I got a big bee” I really like too because it has a very slow build up (and I love a track with banging percussions) then it just comes to some kind of euphoric climax.
Yeah, just like how sex should be.

Musique – In The Bush

Bumblebee Unlimited – I Got A Big Bee

Pic by Arthur Cruz

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There are quite a few things that remind of my childhood, but when by accident I found this track on the big world of the internet I was immediately taken back to somewhere around 1991: it would have been Sunday morning, or now that I think of it, probably more a Saturday, because Sundays were not so lazy, you’d have to be all ready and proper for lunch at grandma’s, with your shoes shining and your hair tied with a bow, smelling of Tartine et Chocolat and carrying the cake.

So yes this definitely reminded me of a lazy Saturday morning, still in my pyjamas, feeding my birds while my mum was probably doing various housework or maybe chatting on the phone to friends, talking about how the week had been; all this time Media Tropical was the chosen station on the radio and it was playing something like this.

Tabou Combo Super Stars -Passe Sou Uo

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the drums

My dad is drummer, did you know that?
Not sure if it’s got anything to do with the fact that I love a good drums part in a song. It can be live or from a computer I think it can just take any song from boring to banging.
Listen to these, well BANGING. I know I posted the Mu track before but I just couldn’t resist.

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

Daft Punk – Harder, better, faster, stronger

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Mu – Let’s get sick

Red Dragon Band – Let Me Be Your Radio (Part 1)

Peaches – Rock Show

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Life after breakfast

When I went to London in November I took a stroll throughout the Pop Life exhibition at the Tate Modern and was kind of amazed by the Andy Warhol portrait of Grace Jones.
I thought shit, I’d like to have that on my walls so bad.

GJ by Arthur Cruz

A few weeks later it was Xmas and my boyfriend who’s like, an amazing painter surprised me with my very own Grace Jones by Andy Warhol…So awesome.

Grace Jones – Pull Up The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage mix)

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“Qui a deux femmes perd son âme, qui a deux maisons perd sa raison.”

My top 5 Eric Rohmer movies

“Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune”

“Conte d’Eté”

“L’amour l’après-midi”

“Le Rayon Vert”

“L’ami de mon amie”

Aurevoir, Mr Rohmer.

“Fille de corsaire” from Conte d’Eté


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Like a piece of cake


Life’s good, winter has kind of started even though it’s not really there yet-and it’s all about long walks and coffee and controversial books and imaginary animals.
After Berlin a couple of months ago, now it’s time for me to hit London and check out my peeps out there and do some major shopping.


Pics by Arthur Cruz

Campag Velocet – Bon Chic Bon Genre

Make Up – Pow! To The People (live in Prague 1998)

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Le jour se lèvera


Painting by Arthur Cruz

Billie Holiday – Gloomy Sunday

Blur – For Tomorrow

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Close to the edge

It’s not new but it’s still very clever.

Fela Kuti – Zombie

Pics by Arthur Cruz

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