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There are quite a few things that remind of my childhood, but when by accident I found this track on the big world of the internet I was immediately taken back to somewhere around 1991: it would have been Sunday morning, or now that I think of it, probably more a Saturday, because Sundays were not so lazy, you’d have to be all ready and proper for lunch at grandma’s, with your shoes shining and your hair tied with a bow, smelling of Tartine et Chocolat and carrying the cake.

So yes this definitely reminded me of a lazy Saturday morning, still in my pyjamas, feeding my birds while my mum was probably doing various housework or maybe chatting on the phone to friends, talking about how the week had been; all this time Media Tropical was the chosen station on the radio and it was playing something like this.

Tabou Combo Super Stars -Passe Sou Uo

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