Hi again!

Ok so this blog went to sleep for a bit. 4 long months where things went a bit crazy and suddenly I was like, woah, super busy!
What happened since March? I flew to Martinique to hang out with my Grandma on her 90th birthday; met up with my co-workers in Costa Rica for 5 amazing days; failed my driving exam big time (will try again though), went to Marseille, London, Deauville, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Got a promotion at work.

Oh yeah, and got married a month ago. It was banging and I got a little emotional walking inside the town hall (15 mins late, obviously) and seeing all the friends and family there.

Les Rythmes Digitales – Take A Little Time

See you again soon, world?


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Been buying lots of records lately, mostly from the web (thanks discogs, for emptying my wallet), and also brought lots back from San Francisco. Working from home, listening to banging disco, that’s what life is all about!

Bumblebee Unlimited – Space Shuttle Ride

Bamboo – Spaceship Crashing

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20 years

Cat Power & Karen Elson – I Love You (Me Either)

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When will spring be finally around the corner?
Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Vocal)

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The Normal – Warm Leatherette

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San Francisco has been banging! And busy!
Enjoying the last leg of my little work-ation, and so far it’s been great. Loving the weather (at least 20°C every day), the people (hi Airbnb HQ!), the food (did anyone say Bi-rite ice cream?).
Coming back with a bag full of records, woo-hoo!

Black Devil Disco Club – I Regret The Flower Power

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Off I go

So I have now left L.A and am hanging out in the colder shores of San Francisco. I enjoyed the whole Los Angeles lifestyle: dining, lunching, mani +pedi, contemporary art, driving around (hey I did get behind the wheel for like 5 minutes!). And the sunshine!
I haven’t cooked a meal since I have left Paris, and you know what, I’m not missing it that much. Maybe I’m not a housewife-type after all.

And of course, paying hommage to the amazing Salvatore Cusato today. RIP dude!

B.W.H – Livin’ Up

Casco – Cybernetic Love (Vocal)

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So I have arrived in Los Angeles. I kind of almost enjoyed the 11h30 flight, which went by quite quickly : watched 3 movies, read 5 magazines, slept 1h, had 2 meals, 1 haagen dasz ice cream (thanks Air France!)

I find L.A to be a slap in the face kind of sensation, but not as much as New York is a slap in the face when you first see it.
Today I took the metro, and also the bus, and found the whole process pretty easy. I also walked and walked a lot, ate lunch in cafe in Los Feliz which the “Rough Guide to California” refers to as Hipster Haven (‘Fred 62’) and bought books in a nerdy lesbian bookstore.

Life is good. It’s 26°C and sunny and it’s like I have taken a time-capsule into summer. Richard is super nice and is letting me crash his sexy loft. He has driven me to Pinkberry too. Ha!
I keep trying to find cute squares, or maybe a cafe in a quiet street with pavement seating, where I could just, read my book and enjoy the sun. I guess in this sense I am too European and can never let go of the cafe lifestyle. I never found any of the above-do they not exist here, or can someone point me in the right direction?

I did sit in a cute park though, and I was just sipping on my pomegranate, apple and banana juice, reading my book about hipsters (lol) thinking that it was safe to finally light up a Lucky Strike, when the park attendant told me the park was non-smoking. WTF?

More on the next episode.

Advance – Take Me To The Top

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Hey what’s going on, why don’t you sing a song?

Good friends, good food in Paris, banging weather in South West France. Your typical January yeahhrr?

I’m off to L.A and San Francisco for 3 weeks, in a couple of days, really excited, and the little song in my head kinda goes like this:

Number One Ensemble – Flor De Coca

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Hello, world

Lovely blue skies today baby! How about some nice Sunday tunes too? And some pics from our trip to Berlin last October?

Lipps Inc -How Long (Twitch edit)

Kraftwerk – Antenna

Pictures by Arthur Cruz

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