Bustin’ out

One of the records I probably play the most when I’m at home is the “Mutant Disco” compilation from Ze Records. It’s seriously banging, and how could you ever get tired of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, French Boys or Cristina?


I had randomly bought it whilst on a weekend in Florence in 2006 for just 5 euros (also bagged the Mutant Disco ‘Garage Sale’ at the same time) and fuck, it was probably the best value for money ever.
Working for Ze would have been the dream job wouldn’t it? This is a tribute:

Lio – Sage Comme une Image

James Chance and The Contortions – Design to Kill

Don Armando – Deputy of Love

Cristina – La Poupée Qui Fait Non

Garçons – French Boys


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2 responses to “Bustin’ out

  1. Great post, thanks, wonderful music.

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