A true story


I have a friend, let’s call her A, she’s going out with this boy called B, but she told me that when she was still single, there was a guy called C that she liked, and she thought he liked her too.

Despite the obvious attraction, nothing ever happened, so she got together with B, kind of forgot about the other dude, and C even got himself a girlfriend.

But every now and then C pops back into her life and she feels like a little girl when she seems him, she tries very hard to act casual, keeps touching her hair and she probably even blushes when he leans over to speak to her.

But anyway, she asked me what should she do, leave B that she’s perfectly happy with and maybe pursue something that will never happen? Or forget about C forever and wonder every day what it could have been like?

Mate, I’m no agony aunt, so I told her something cheesy like ‘follow your instinct’, and then it reminded me of The Flirts for some reason.

The Flirts – Helpless


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2 responses to “A true story

  1. Gosh I have been in a similar situation, and opted for the security of staying with B. It was mostly the good thing to do, but sometimes I still wonder what things would have been like with C.
    I guess there is no solution really.

  2. magic 8 ball

    mon dieu! the dark side of karine is back… trahir ses “amis” comme ça c’est moche !
    sinon je peux aussi balancer les noms de tout le monde mais bon, je dis ça je dis rien…

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