Le futur


Right now as I am spending a couple of weeks in the Caribbean I guess all I should be thinking of is the beach, eating fresh coconut on the beach, reading on the beach and all these kind of activities that you can do on a holiday.

Maybe soon I will quiz my 20 year-old cousin who lives here about what kind of music is hip and what they listen to at parties. I’ve heard someone mention ‘zouk-metal’ and also nights full of ‘retro zouk’ where you dance like it was 1978. Sounds promising.

But the topic of the day is miles away from all this and concerns the recent re-issue of Transvolta’s “Disco Computer”. It is perfect spacey sound with a robot voice ordering you to ‘dance all night’. Don’t you just love it when robots tell you what to do?

Transvolta “Disco Computer”

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  1. caro

    Impatiente que tu reviennes avec tous tes tubes ma karinette

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