Quality time


Someone said somewhere (I have absolutely no recollection of where I read this, forgive me) that when you start dating someone and you both take up a new interest for a tv series and watch it together on a regular basis, chances are that the relationship is bound to develop.
I am just glad we picked The Sopranos beacuse if it had been The Wire (snore, zzzzz), I’m not sure things would have turned out the same.
I never really paid any attention to The Sopranos at the time it was actually showing-I didn’t even know I could have a interest in organised crime in New Jersey, so I have a lot to catch up with. I’ve been obsessively checking my mailbox for series 4 to arrive and I’m getting impatient for our next Sopranos night.


Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning (Sopranos Mix)

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  1. Discotape

    il n’y a plus qu’un “http://” :)

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